Sunday, 31 October 2010

Refusal of the Call

Bristol visual artist Acerone brings work based on circular walk around the city to Colston Hall’s Glass Room

Bristol based visual artist Acerone has developed a body of artwork based on a circular walk around the city and his work is being displayed at Colston Hall’s Glass Room exhibition space this November.

‘Call to Adventure’ is a series of 4 paintings derived from 12 photographs captured whilst on a circular walk around Bristol’s city centre over a 12-hour period.

Acerone devised a circular route around Bristol, taking a central point from a map reference and drawing a 1 kilometre circumference around the city. He then divided his route into 12 equal segments, numbered like a clock face, with the relating hour identifying the time the photo was taken from that position.

Taking insight from the Situationist’s practice of the Dérive, the photographs were used as starting points for the paintings, exploring our emotional and behavioral reactions to the urban landscape. The collection can be viewed as a 12 hour visual journey through the city, using visual references to Bristolian architecture as key metaphors that reflect Acerone’s lifework.

Acerone is a visual artist from Bristol with a background of 15 years of creating street art murals. With photography remaining a keystone in the development of his works, current projects have seen him using the camera as a tool to capture intense images of urban life, which are then remixed and replayed as paintings on canvas.

His installation work from the Royal West of England Academy street art exhibition ‘Crimes of Passion’ is part of the RWA permanent collection and in late 2009 he won the first prize award in the ‘Bristol: A Second Look’ competition at Photographique.

Both the series of photographs and the 4 canvases make up the body of work that is Call to Adventure and will be displayed at The Glass Room gallery at Colston Hall, Bristol from Friday 5 until Sun 28 November 2010.

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Felix the cat Who Kept on Walking said...

He sounds an interesting bloke! Have you met him?? [grin]

Seriously: I'm very much looking forward to getting there and seeing the show :-)