Saturday, 19 February 2011

Planet Croft (Paste Up)

Planet Croft

Today, i finally managed to get around to experimenting with a photo-planet-paste-up idea i've had for a while. Here's a few images documenting the process; starting with a 180 degree panoramic image of Westmoreland House/Stokes Croft taken from the traffic island in the middle of the road. Made up of 20 RAW files and processed as HDRs before stitching.

(a proper panoramic head for my tripod is long over due. For now, please embrace the dodgy joins between frames... :-)

Using Photoshop CS4, turned it into a planet, grayscaled and tidied it up. Saved as 6 A0 sized B+W jpg files for printing.

Pasted up on Stokes Croft in the same location the original photographs were taken. I must give a mention to Cheba whose piece i went over...

...soz mate - but it was for a good cause ;-)

More of this from me at the Weapon of Choice gallery's Photography Show starting on the 26th Feb with the opening evening on Friday 25th.

Friday, 18 February 2011

Multi FM

DJ ACERONE - MULTI FM 87.7fm, Thurs 24th Feb, 5pm - 6pm

Multi FM is being broadcast again from it's Kingswood base - The Old School Youth Centre, from Mon-Fri next week. Unless you live at the bottom of a hill, it should reach most parts of Bristol so be sure to tune in - especially between 5-6 on Thurs 24th Feb, when i'll be playing you some choice cuts from my treasured vinyl collection.

Work rota's willing, ill be joined by a very special guest MC who will guide you through an hour of my biggest musical influences as i drop some dodgy scratches, off beat mixes and careless whispers.

Due to the nature of the work i do, i have a huge appreciation for youth centre's and the opportunities they provide for young people within communities. The Kingswood Old School YC is an outstanding project - and with a name like that, it really couldn't be anything less.
Dont forget to tune in!


Multi FM - 87.7 FM
12noon-10pm, 21st-25th February, Old School youth centre, Kingswood

Young people in Kingswood will be making waves on the radio during the half-term break, broadcasting again as ‘Multi FM’ on 87.7 FM.
The young people will be hosting a mixture of interviews, live music and songs.

This is the fourth year that the young people, aged from 14 to 20-years-old, have run a radio station from the Kingswood-based youth centre.

After being granted a licence by Ofcom, they have been hard at work preparing for the week-long broadcast with help and guidance from Phil Gibbons, the station manager at Bristol Community Radio, and Matt Thomas, a sound engineer.

The youngsters will be interviewing a range of guests, including representatives from the police, councils and the health service, and other organisations.

Councillor Sheila Cook, executive member for children and young people, praised the efforts of the youngsters. She said: “I think Multi FM is a fantastic project. It enables a group of young people to come together and create something they can be proud of, as well as learning new skills.

“It has been really well received in previous years and everyone involved has been working hard to make it a success again.”

Old School youth worker June Yeoman said: “It’s going to be a really exciting week. A few the regulars have left, but we have some new and exciting members of the team.”

Wednesday, 16 February 2011


I have some new photographic works going up in the Weapon of Choice gallery's first ever Photography Show. Putting work up alongside Beezer, Keith Baugh, Mark Simmons, Shifteye, Tim Jones, James Koch, Duchess and Patrick Goughlan is indeed a privilege, so expect something a bit different from me - It's always an aim to stand out from the crowd!

Weapon of Choice Gallery
14 St Michael's Hill, Bristol
Opening preview - Fri 25th Feb 2011

I hope to see you there for a bevvy.

Monday, 14 February 2011

Building a Bristol DInosaur - Pt 1

Stage 1 of a collaborative project with Andy Council.
Stage 2 - Coming Soon!