Thursday, 30 October 2008

Print Making Pt3

Yellow layer and blue layer completed
Acrylic paint on acetate transparencies.

Wednesday, 29 October 2008

Print Making Pt2

A quick update on the progress of the 'analogue Photoshop file' printmaking process...

The white acrylic on black background gets a second coat to boost opacity, and the second layer is completed by painting red acrylic onto an acetate transparency.

Tuesday, 28 October 2008

Print Making

Last week saw a quick idea turn into a full blown project in a matter of a few minutes. I’ll explain…

After the fun and games and live painting at the Upfest (see previous post), I had been approached by a few people who were interested in buying a canvas I had displayed in the bar area of the Tobacco Factory. As well from being pretty chuffed that one of my paintings had grabbed the attention of a few visitors to the event, I was also somewhat loathing the idea of fulfilling the request to paint the same canvas again – which got me thinking about producing a screen-print of the image.

I gave a quick call to my friend at Let Them Hang to discuss the idea and see if it would be possible, popped in for a spot of lunch and a cuppa, and left with a full brief of what I needed to produce to make a screen-print of one of my ‘photograffiti’ paintings. The process of which could be described as making an ‘Analogue Photoshop file’…

Although totally unintentional, this project coincides nicely with me starting up this blog, so ill document the process of making the print here - From the original first painting at the Upfest, all the way through to the final print - Which will hopefully develop pretty quickly, that is unless my nipper to be makes an early appearance!

So from the beginning – projecting the graphic onto matt black card and painting in the spaces with white acrylic paint…

Tuesday, 21 October 2008

Last weekend saw the first UPfest event in Bristol hosted at the Tobacco Factory in Southville and involved somewhere in the region of 50 artists from Bristol, the rest of England, Europe and the USA, and a very successful event it was too!
This event was a lot more stencil influenced than more of the jams I usually paint at, but i took this as a good opportunity to do something a bit different to the usual freehand Acer pieces I paint and decided to put up a street scene graphic similar to the Stokes Croft piece i did back at the beginning of the year.
The original image was taken on North Street a few days before the weekends event, the prep work done at midnight on Sat night, and the painting finished live at the UPfest on Sunday afternoon.

Great to hear that lots of canvases in the bar sold, raising lots of cash for a very worthwhile charity, NACOA, and a special shout should go out to Steve aka Logical1 for his time and effort in making the event happen - I didn’t see him stress once and smiled the whole way through. Good man...

First post

Its about time i started a blog of my own, i've been thinking about starting one for a while now - so here it is.
I haven't spent ages working out what it's aims and objectives are, other than to upload some images and text of the creative stuff i've been up to. I wont bother backtracking over old stuff, I'd rather just post up what is current and fresh and keeping me busy.
Love getting feedback, good or bad, so hope to hear from you soon...