Friday, 8 October 2010

All Things are Changing; Nothing Dies

The piece i made for the 'Distance Travelled' exhibition explained in a little more detail...

Using the cemetery as a background for four paintings depicting the words Work, Beloved, Self and Home, ‘All Things are Changing; Nothing Dies’ is an installation that responds to Joseph Cambell’s book The Hero with a Thousand Faces, and the methods of gestalt therapy developed by the late Paul Rebillot in the Hero’s Journey process.

This piece uses the environment of the cemetery as a metaphor for change; steering away from the notion of ‘the end’ and instead focusing on new beginnings. Light trails flash through the scene, spelling out the words Work, Beloved, Self and Home; core aspects of each individual’s lives that will be affected by change.

How do we embrace these changes? Should we spend our lives grieving for what once was, or accept the call to adventure and become the Hero in our own journey…?

The giclee print for the above image measuring 88cm x 30cm, is a high quality print on 310gm fine art acid free archive stock paper, and is an edition of 8.

6 of these prints sold at the show; If you would like one of the final 2 prints available for £95, please click here. Many thanks to all who have supported me by buying a print.

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