Monday, 27 September 2010

Work Beloved Self Home

Work Beloved Self Home, (2010) Acerone

Things are hotting up in preparation for the 'Distance Travelled' show im putting together with fellow TCF brothers, Dicy and Ziml. We have had months to think about and prepare for this, but as all true artists will know, the best work is made in a mad rush in the few days before the hanging and opening...

We have some pretty big ideas ready to roll so be sure to come down and see the Centrespace Gallery transformed in a way you will not have done before. To get your name on the preview guest-list email us at:

The above photo is a hint at the direction im going in with this body of work - inspired by the writing of Joseph Cambell and the Gestalt Therapeutic processes developed by the late Paul Rebillot...

Time to get deep!

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