Wednesday, 1 September 2010

Distance Travelled

In September 2009, I worked alongside fellow TCF artists Dicy and Ziml on producing the Triple Drop show at the Centrespace gallery here in Bristol. Almost exactly one year one and we're are back again with a brand new body of work that is going to dominate the Centrespace in a way you have never seen before...

We have been working away at this show since the beginning of the year so expect to see some ambitious pieces for all of us. Distance Travelled is a metaphor for our group reflection upon the influences we have had from our pasts, how those experiences are affecting the work we are producing right now, and our ambitions and dreams for the future.

Readers of my blog are invited to the private view on October 1st at 7pm. Admission is by invite only so please email to put your name on the guestlist.
See you there!

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