Monday, 8 February 2010

Razzle Dazzle

Whilst i am trying to keep this blog focused on the work i am producing, once in a while something grabs my attention that is just too good to not pass on to others. Whilst surfing around today i came across this article via the street art blog, wooster collective. At first i genuinely thought that this must be a hoax, there is no way in this world that anyone could have conceived and executed this idea in 1914! By it turns out i was wrong, British artist and naval officer Norman Wilkinson did indeed paint collosal warships in mind bending optical illusions in WW1 to confuse the German U-Boats and avoid being hit by torpedos.

Absolutely amazing photographs!
Now if only they were in colour...


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I didn't look at the article but I remember that this was supposed to be so that enemy ships couldn't work out which way a boat was facing.