Sunday, 5 July 2009


Yesterday was a family day. I took the fam-crew down to St Pauls Carnival and for the first time ever, chose to follow the floats and procession down City Road and onto Portland Square over the usual ritual of seeking out the cheapest place to get a 4 pack of Red Stripe and 2 pieces of jerk chicken. My little man slept through 20 of Bristols loudest sound systems and woke up a little confused to say the least... He still loved it though - all the colours and general buzzing atmosphere proved to be a hit with him.

Taking photographs here is great fun. Every where i pointed my lens there was a smiling face looking back at me. I went out with the intention of taking candid portraits, but everyone down there was more than happy to pose. It made for some great images...

See the slideshow here.

and i did manage to sly in a jerk chicken pea and rice lunch too... :-)

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