Thursday, 2 July 2009

Bigger Trees

Flicking channels yesterday i stumbled across BBC one's Imagine programme with David Hockney. I think it was around half way through already and the first thing i saw was a stunningly pieced together montage of Hockney's recent paintings depicting a country scene viewed from the same spot at various times throughout the year. Despite there being a lack of any human presence within the paintings, when Hockney was discussing the works he said that his scene was not an empty one because 'it's about someone looking at it', to which interviewer Bruno Wollheim asked 'But then are there any landscapes that are empty?'
'Do we know what an empty room looks like?' Hockney replies.

Definitely worth a watch, even of it is just to take a quick look at the montage mentioned above - I have always found his work to be a great source of inspiration and it was nice to find out a bit more about Hockney the man. I find it reassuring to find that his mannerisms reminds me of my Grandad (except for the chain smoking...)

See it here
Montage starts at about 38:40

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Lil' Pete said...

Thought as a parent you weren't supposed to like people like Hockney ... ;)

Seriously though, never liked his work, but I suppose it may have been because of his swimming pool images.