Thursday, 4 December 2008

Print Making at Screen One

A few photographs from yesterdays 5 stage print making session...

1. Let Them Hang HQ - Master print maker Paul lays down the initial white layer for all the colours to sit on top of
2. White ink on black lustralux paper drys on the print rack
3. Paul pulls the second layer - Red
4. Red on top of white
5. The third layer, yellow, is added and moved over to the drying rack
6. The blue layer is lined up and added
A fifth layer of purple was also added which really set the whole image off...
A picture of the finished image and some details uploaded very soon!


Lil' Pete said...

Ha, crap - with hindsight and the picture here, realised I was standing right next to you last night, rubbish!

Lil' Pete said...

Oh thought it was you in the red jacket!