Thursday, 4 December 2008

Back to Print

OK, so I have been somewhat sidetracked from making photograffiti images and venturing into the world of screen printing - But with good reason!
So for anyone who has only just come across my blog, I have been documenting the process of turning one of my night-photographs into a screen print, and here is a short recap...

1. The original photograph
2. The painted graphic version painted at Upfest at the Tobacco factory (Oct 2008)
3. The beginning of the printmaking process - Creating the background white first layer. Acrylic paint on black card A2 size
4. Four different acetate sheets, each painted with individual colours, one sheet for each different colour layer
5. A1 scanner digitalising the painted coloured layers
We then made the screens, and things were put on hold whilst I became a dad.
But today we got it together, and made the print...!
Photographs uploaded here tomorrow, and the print will be available from Let Them Hang on Friday 6th Dec.

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