Wednesday, 7 November 2012

A New Wall for Redfield

This post will be the first in a series that will document a new project i am working on in my local community of Redfield in Bristol, BS5. I have had my eyes on a wall in a local car park for some year now. One of those walls seems to attract tags - big, blank and off of the high street, it currently sports lots of mismatching grey block cover-ups and a spliff smoking acid smiley face. This wall is a beauty and needs brightening up with something a little more challenging.

After a multitude of emails to various Council associated people, i have finally been given the green light to get painting this space and bring some much needed life to a grey space. My idea is to take influence from my regular strolls and cycles from the centre back home to St George and pay homage to the various areas i find interesting along the route...

Over the next few weeks ill be using this blog to update my progress from start to finish, from gathering the photographs, through the digital manipulation process, painting the wall and the final piece, ill post my progress up here for you to follow.

Ill be back soon...!

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