Wednesday, 26 September 2012

Exhibition Countdown: 15 Days

Over the next two weeks ill be uploading a photo or two a day to document my progress in getting everything together ready for my first London based solo show, 'Where is Iron John?' For those of you who havent heard about the show yet, this collection of work is based on the iconic Brothers Grimm fairy tale 'Der Eisenhans', which was later reviewed and retold by American Poet, Robert Bly as a metaphor for the journey of masculinity. Over the past 12 months i have been producing paintings, photographic prints, a screen print and reworking an installation, which together make up my response to Bly's insightful writing. Im now two weeks away from displaying this work to the public and the nerves are beginning to creep in...

So i have decided to share my process a little and post a little snap or two with a few words for build up to the show.

Some of you may have noticed that i recently reworked the header of our local rag 'The Post' with an image of two Greek gods during the recent 'See no Evil' event which dominated Bristol's art scene for a week in August. With an average daily circulation of 36,000 copies, i was pleased to get my work on the front page, even if just for a day...

(The Post, 13th Aug 2012)

My ninth and final painting for the show is a reworking of this image and i began putting paint to canvas yesterday. Its no secret i am probably the slowest painter in the city, so to think i only have 14 more days to complete this - and everything else - before all this work has to be in the capital makes me feel somewhat unsettled. Panic and progress will be documented daily here for the near future.

(Initial layer of white being marked up onto canvas)

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