Tuesday, 22 May 2012

My First Piece

Happy B'Day Anna (Dicy) + Ace
Dean Lane 1995
This was my first ever piece at Bedminster skate park in late 1995, i think. After a chance meeting with Dicy skateboarding on College Green, i noticed the T-Shirts he was selling were sporting the very same graffiti styled 'K' i had seen down at Bedminster the previous week. He told me that it was him that had painted it and the logo was part of a new range of designs he was putting out under the name 'Kuldesac'. Kuldesac went on to become a massive success in the Bristol clothing scene and we all wore it religiously...

Dicy had seen the 'Ace' tag around and invited me out to paint with him the following day. We exchanged numbers, he called the next morning and the rest is history. After this freestyle attempt at doing a proper piece of graff (with some metallic Hycote paint i had found in a skip!) i went on to join Dicy and Paris in the Fantastic Super Heroes crew and later in TCF. And yes, Dicy and i are still good friends to this day...

Thanks for inviting a young toy out to paint with you all those years ago mate, perhaps Acerone would not be doing this today if you hadn't.

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