Thursday, 1 September 2011

It's a Bris Ting!

Its quite an achievement to be admired in equal measures but the youngsters and the elders, especially where music is concerned. By our most promising local talent Buggsy appears straddle the void with ease and appears to get full support from the UK veterans as well as respect from the yootdem...

Check out the video. For me it sums up Buggsy's appeal - showing his skills as a master of lyricism, humour and style, whilst bringing together the different elements of street culture and celebrating the coming together of people - black, white, young, old, northside, southside - and most importantly there are smiles all round.

I've moaned for a while about the fun being lost out of Hiphop (and i use the term in its broadest sense) - so i have big love for Buggsy who injects a massive dose back into the scene. Long may he keep doing his thing his way - the cream will always rise to the top brother!

(and a big shout to my boy DJ First Aid for the production on Bris Ting... Get back on dealing with the real beats where you belong!)

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