Monday, 1 August 2011

Radio Show Mixtape

DJ Acerone Radio Show Mixtape Vol.3 (2008)

In response to Felix's comment and one of a similar nature from elsewhere - what's the story behind the mixtape?
Well, before spray cans and photography came DJing. During the early 90's when the rave scene incorporated everything from acid house to drum and bass, i was obsessed with DJing - just how two different records were blended together to make one seamless landscape of music fascinated me. With a few other like-minded wannabe DJs at school, we argued about how it was done - something about a mixer, a cross fader, some records and pitch control were endlessly discussed at lunch breaks, usually whilst sharing an earphone each from the Sony Walkman. TDK tapes got swapped, 10th generation copies of Top Buzz's '2 Blacks and a Bubble' were made, crackly versions of that DJ Sy and MC Teckno at Obsession were on constant loop. In truth, none of us had the first idea of what we were on about in the beginning but soon we were 'staying over at our mate's houses' and sneaking out to the Ruffneck Ting at the Depot, Bristol Exposure at Trinity and Sutra at the UWE with fake ID at the ready. And before too long, one by one we managed to acquire Technics turntables and began frequenting Replay Records in the bearpit spending all our hard earned pocket money...

Fast forward almost 20 years and i still have the decks, although they dont get much use these days. Before i became a Daddy i had a little more time to mess about with records and make mixtapes (which takes forever!) and this one was the last one i made before other elements of life took priority. Its a mash up mix of the tunes i was loving at the time, spliced together using mixing, scratching and a load of samples taken from a very odd 7" i found in a charity shop that featured lots evangelical preaching and readings in the form of a pseudo radio show. Looking back realise just how much spare time i must have had back in early 2008!

Anyway, take a listen and let me know what you think



Felix said...

Tell us the story, Daddy???

Felix said...

Thank you! :-)