Sunday, 20 March 2011

247 Interview

Short Acerone interview in local music and lifestyle magazine - 247.

I first noticed this mag pop up during art student days in Exeter in early 2001. It is amazing to think that just 10 years ago email, digital cameras, scanners, iMacs and Photoshop were all pretty new technology that i was experimenting with. A new world of communication began to open up that was literally at our fingertips that was quicker and more direct than ever before. But whilst its convenience is to be celebrated it cant complete with the real thing; a hand written letter, the image on photo paper, a 12" vinyl cover. There is something more satisfying about holding what you're looking at, and that cannot be conveyed through the monitor.
Magazines feel and smell good.

So keep an eye out for this months 247 magazine, pick up two copies and give one to a friend... Or just take a look at the digital version here

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