Saturday, 19 February 2011

Planet Croft

Today, i finally managed to get around to experimenting with a photo-planet-paste-up idea i've had for a while. Here's a few images documenting the process; starting with a 180 degree panoramic image of Westmoreland House/Stokes Croft taken from the traffic island in the middle of the road. Made up of 20 RAW files and processed as HDRs before stitching.

(a proper panoramic head for my tripod is long over due. For now, please embrace the dodgy joins between frames... :-)

Using Photoshop CS4, turned it into a planet, grayscaled and tidied it up. Saved as 6 A0 sized B+W jpg files for printing.

Pasted up on Stokes Croft in the same location the original photographs were taken. I must give a mention to Cheba whose piece i went over...

...soz mate - but it was for a good cause ;-)

More of this from me at the Weapon of Choice gallery's Photography Show starting on the 26th Feb with the opening evening on Friday 25th.

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