Monday, 22 November 2010

Mad Props

Every now and then you get a bit of feedback that really makes an impression on you. A big thank you to Felix Grant for sharing this with me and mad props to Dan for persevering and seeing it through till the image was complete. That's the spirit!

After seeing Call to adventure, Dan and I had a conversation about where it is legitimate to put street art. That led to my ongoing "guerilla" posted I do like to be beside the seaside exhibition with Sheila Lindsley. And that led to his asking if he could come with me and help put up one of the images.

It was very cold (just below freezing) and windy. The cold was inhibiting the setting of he spray adhesive, so the image sections were taking time to stick. Fingers were numbing, and we had only two image sections (of six) in place, when Dan said "Perhaps we should do this some other time".

"We could", I replied, "but we've posted a third of the image now, and we lose it if we stop. What do you suppose Luke would do?"

"Hmmm..." he decided "...let's get it done."

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