Tuesday, 24 August 2010

A Walk in the Park

"A Walk in the Park" - by Tobias Palmer, aged 21 months

My child minder was away on holiday yesterday which allowed me to take a day off of work to spend with my little one. The morning consisted of a failed attempt at going swimming, replaced with a trip to the park collecting leaves and a lot of CBBC show Big Barn Farm. There is only so much swinging, sliding, seesawing and kids TV i can cope with so decided to get a big role of paper and the paints out.

Time to get messy!
What took us about 10 minutes to create took about 2 hours to clear up, but it was well worth it. This is art at it's most innocent, ego free and fun. I loved every minute and so did he...

Happy days.

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Felix said...

This post, and yesterday's, are my choice as online moments of the year :-)