Monday, 7 December 2009


So i have just finished watching Life on BBC HD and this week it was all about plants. Perhaps not the most spectacular footage of the series but this was without a doubt the craziest project i have ever known anyone to undertake. Every time i watch Life, or anything Attenborough for that matter, i am blown away. This is what TV is for and this is why a pay Mr Murdoch £7 a month extra for high definition viewing...

If you missed it, you must visit the BBC Life website here and watch the last 10 minutes from 47:50 onwards. The scale of this project in simply unbelievable and took tens of people 2 years to make less than 60 seconds of footage. When i saw the footage at the beginning of the program i scratched my head for ages over how on earth they shot it - and at the end they gave me the answer.


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