Tuesday, 4 August 2009

Triple Drop

Since the Crimes of Passion show at the RWA closed and artists had a bit of time to reflect upon the experience as a whole, a few of us have been discussing the pro's and con's of showing work in galleries. Of course, we all started out putting work up on the street, for nothing more than the hope that someone out there would recognise it, like it, and maybe one day let you know that they did. We paint for ourselves, for our friends, and anyone else who cares to look at it...

One of the biggest problems with the boom in galleries showing art work that has it's origins in the streets, is that what an artist considers to be a fair amount to charge for a piece of his work then has to be raised by between 30 and 60% to cover the cost of the gallery's commission. A few too many times now i have has to charge higher than i would have liked too for my canvases and prints and have been thinking of a way around it... i know others have felt the same.

So Dicy, Acer and Ziml present Triple Drop at the Centrespace Gallery. We have covered all the costs ourselves so that we don't have to increase prices to cover gallery comission and can price our work at the prices we think they are worth.


For an invite to the opening preview evening on Friday 11th Sept 2009 please email invite@tripledrop.co.uk

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Felix Grant said...

Can't make the opening (did you select that date deliberately, for its symbolism, or is it chance??) but the show is in the diary and I will be there: I look forward to it.

I'll be interested in hearing how the economics/ideology balance works out.